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Buying a new to me phone on is fast, easy, and safe. Each vendor we approve will be verified to ensure that the person/business you are purchasing the phone from is a legitimate vendor and with a 14 day money back guarantee you can’t go wrong!

Now, there are a few types of vendors that you can purchase from.

1)  Purchase from a registered vendor

Each vendor, either individual or corporation, can sell any type of phone they like. The phones are as is and will be shipped directly to your doorstep. No meeting people in strange places, worrying about your safety or the identity of the person selling you the phone. With our system the buyer and seller never meet ensuring you can buy your “new to me phone” safely.

Are you purchasing a phone from a registered vendor? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Although each vendor has to pass the registration process our regular vendors are not screened for the products they list and therefore does not check the status of the phone. When buying a phone check to see if the seller has listed the IMEI number, high resolution photos to ensure the phone is in good condition, and read the description to find out if the seller has listed any defects of the phone. If a Vendor doesn’t list these items in the listing it’s best to stay away from that item.

Keep in mind, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee so you can return any phone, for any reason, within 14 days of delivery (provided that the phone is in the same condition as when it was sold). The 14 day guarantee does not apply to phones damaged after the date of delivery.

2) Purchase from a Verified seller (Recommended)

A verified seller is an individual or corporation that has passed the registration process and has submitted their products to for verification and authenticity of the item they wish to sell. A verified seller is required to provide the IMEI number, a minimum of three (3) high quality/resolution photos, and list defects of the phone (if any). This avenue is the safer way to purchase a phone as we’ve done all the legwork to ensure that the phone is safe to purchase and that it has not been blacklisted as a lost or stolen phone. Verified phones are also eligible for our extended warranty (should you choose to purchase it) which gives you 6 months of worry free usage. If there is any defect on the phones hardware or software will replace the phone with the same (or similar) phone at no additional charge. This option is not available on phones that are purchased by vendors who don’t become Verified Vendors.

How do you know a phone is being sold by a verified vendor? It’s simple. look at the “Sold by” section of the phones listing. If it says “Sold Buy: Verified” your good to go!

3) Purchase a Certified phone (Recommended)

A Certified phone takes it one step further. These phones are shipped directly to us by the vendors so that our technicians can personalty handle the phone to verify the condition, authenticity, and IMEI numbers. This is by far the safest phone you can purchase on and all Certified phones qualify for the extended warranty.

How do you know a phone is being sold by a Certified vendor? It’s simple. look at the “Sold by” section of the phones listing. If it says “Sold Buy: Certified” your good to go!

Take the guess work out of purchasing a new to me phone and shop with confidence knowing that our line of certified phones and verified vendors are the safest way to purchase a used cell phone on the web. Verified Safe verified phones are put through a number of security checks to ensure they are safe to purchase. Shop with confidence with verified phones.

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