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CellMe.Ca offers the safest most convenient way to sell your unwanted or unused cell phones for a maximum return. We base our purchases on our Quality Score system designed with 10 questions all weighted to give us a good indication of the condition of your phone. We then use that quality score and compare it to your local retailer’s trade in program. We almost always offer more than the retailer giving you a higher return on your phone.

Safety first! The main benefit of using is your personal safety. To many times do we hear stories of people being robbed, or worse, assaulted when using other buy and sell means to sell their used phones. With our system the seller and buyer never meet and you have money in your pocket without ever having to take an annoying call with someone on the other end trying to lowball you on your phone. Not once will you ever have to put your safety in jeopardy, you will never have to meet a stranger face to face, and you’ll have your money in your pocket without having to do any work!

The process is simple and all you need to do to get started is fill out the contact form to the right! We’ll conduct a free quality score assessment and make an offer on your phone. You can have money in your pocket within days!

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